Larry Inserra Net Worth 2023

Who is Larry Inserra?

Larry Inserra is a a hit businessman who runs a family-owned business enterprise known as Inserra Supermarkets. He is likewise the CEO of Lakeland bank, a board member of Hackensack college medical middle, and a leader inside the grocery industry. He has received many awards and honors for his achievements and contributions to his network. In this article, we can examine more approximately Larry Inserra’s existence, career, and personal reviews.

Lawrence Inserra Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth of Lawrence R Jr Inserra is at least $912 Thousand dollars as of 4 August 2020. Mr. Inserra owns over 1,001 units of Lakeland stock worth over $821,411 and over the last 8 years he sold LBAI stock worth over $0. In addition, he makes $90,726 as Independent Director at Lakeland.

Lawrence Inserra biography

Lawrence Inserra is a leader of a big company that sells food in many stores. He is also a helper of a group that makes food for other stores. He is the boss of his company and he decides what to do. He also gives money to a place that helps sick people. He is a friend of a bank and he has many pieces of the bank. He can make more money from the pieces. He has a lot of money and he is very rich. He is one of the most important people in his country. He went to a good school and he learned a lot. He is the son of another leader who died a long time ago. He is a good example of a successful and generous person.

Larry Inserra  Net Worth 2023

What is the salary of Lawrence Inserra

Lawrence Inserra is a director of a bank called Lakeland Bancorp Inc. He is also the boss of a large company that sells food in lots of stores. he’s a very rich man and he makes a lot of cash from his work. His salary is the money that he receives paid for his paintings. His profits is $90,726 in line with 12 months. meaning he gets approximately $7,560 in line with month or $252 in line with day. that is greater than what most people make in a year.He also has a lot of shares of the bank. A share is a piece of the bank that he can buy or sell. He has 66,511 shares of the bank. The shares are worth a lot of money too. He has at least $942 thousand dollars from his shares. That is almost a million dollars. He is one of the richest people in his country.

Early Life and Education

Growing Up in New Jersey

Larry Inserra is from New Jersey, a state in the USA. He grew up in a big family with six siblings. His father, Lawrence Inserra Sr., kicked off a little grocery store in 1954, and it turned into Inserra Supermarkets. Larry got the hang of hard work, honesty, and taking care of customers from his dad. He also got really into the grocery business and pitched in at the store a lot.

Education and Career Beginnings

Larry Inserra attended Lehigh University, a prestigious college in Pennsylvania. He graduated with a degree in business administration in 1978. He then joined his father’s company, Inserra Supermarkets, as a manager. He learned the ins and outs of the business and proved himself to be a capable and innovative leader. He also pursued further education and earned a master’s degree in finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1983.

Larry Inserra  Net Worth 2023

Professional Career Path

Joining the Family Business at Inserra Supermarkets

Back in 1985, Larry Inserra became the boss of Inserra Supermarkets as the president and CEO when his dad retired. He made the company grow by starting more stores, making things better, and using new technologies. He also wanted to help the community, so he supported different causes and groups. Today, Inserra Supermarkets has 23 stores in New Jersey and New York, with names like ShopRite and PriceRite. It’s one of the biggest supermarket chains and gives jobs to over 5,000 people.

Becoming CEO of Lakeland Bank

Larry Inserra is likewise the CEO of Lakeland bank, a monetary employer that gives banking services to people and agencies. He joined the board of administrators of Lakeland bank in 2008, after the financial institution merged with Pascack community financial institution, where he was a director considering 2000. He became the chairman of the board in 2010, and the CEO in 2019. He oversees the strategic course and growth of the bank, which has 53 branches and over $6 billion in belongings.

Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) Board of Trustees Member

Larry Inserra is also a board member of Hackensack college scientific middle (HUMC), a main hospital and health care company in New Jersey. He joined the board of trustees in 2012, and serves as the vice chairman of the finance committee. He facilitates the sanatorium gain its challenge of imparting 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac and compassionate care to its sufferers and community. He additionally helps the sanatorium’s research and schooling programs, in addition to its fundraising efforts.

Leadership Positions Within the Grocery Industry

Larry Inserra is not simplest a a success businessman, however also a reputable chief within the grocery enterprise. He holds several positions in one-of-a-kind corporations that constitute and sell the interests of the industry. he’s the chairman of the new Jersey food Council, a alternate association that advocates for the food retail and distribution sector. He is also the president of the meals enterprise Alliance of new York kingdom, a similar company that serves the the big apple marketplace. He is also a member of the country wide Grocers association, a countrywide organization that represents independent grocers.

Wakefern Food Corporation (ShopRite) Board Member

Larry Inserra is also a board member of Wakefern Food Corporation, the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States. Wakefern owns and operates the ShopRite and PriceRite supermarket brands, as well as other businesses such as wholesale, distribution, and logistics. Larry Inserra joined the board of directors of Wakefern in 1996, and served as the chairman from 2014 to 2016. He is currently the chairman emeritus, a honorary title that recognizes his past leadership and contributions to the cooperative.

Serving as Chairman Emeritus for Wakefern Food Corporation (ShopRite)

As the chairman emeritus of Wakefern, Larry Inserra continues to play an active role in the cooperative. He advises and mentors the current board members and executives, and shares his insights and experience on various issues and opportunities. He also represents Wakefern in external events and meetings, and maintains good relationships with other stakeholders and partners. He is a trusted and respected voice in the cooperative and the industry.

Personal Experiences and Achievements

Family-Owned Business Success Story

Larry Inserra is proud of his family-owned business, Inserra Supermarkets, and its success story. He credits his father, Lawrence Inserra Sr., for laying the foundation and vision of the company, and his siblings and cousins for working together as a team. He also appreciates his employees, customers, and suppliers for their loyalty and support. He believes that the company’s success is based on its core values of quality, service, and community.

Lehigh University Honorary Degree Recipient

Larry Inserra is also happy about his old school, Lehigh University, and what it has achieved. He is a loyal and kind supporter of the university and has given lots of money to different programs and plans. He also helps decide things as part of the board of trustees and the advisory council of the College of Business and Economics. In 2017, he got a special degree from Lehigh University to say thank you for all the great things he did in business and helping others.

Generous Lottery Winner

Larry Inserra is also regarded for his generosity and kindness. In 2018, he received $five million from a scratch-off lottery price tag that he bought at certainly one of his stores in Rockland County, the big apple. in place of retaining the cash for himself, he determined to donate it to numerous charities and reasons that he cares about. He said that he wanted to share his correct fortune with others who need it extra, and make a distinction of their lives.

Larry Inserra is a excellent man or woman who has completed plenty in his lifestyles and career. he’s a pacesetter, a businessman, a philanthropist, and a role model. he’s an notion to many human beings, specially to individuals who paintings inside the grocery enterprise and the own family-owned enterprise quarter. He is likewise a humble and generous man or woman, who constantly gives lower back to his network and enables others. he is a person who absolutely lives as much as his motto: “Do properly by using doing true.”


Larry Inserra is a successful businessman and a beneficiant philanthropist. He has made quite a few cash from his food company and his bank shares. He has additionally donated some of his cash to a health center that facilitates ill people. he’s one of the wealthiest humans in the united states and has a whole lot of impact inside the society. he is an instance of how hard paintings and clever picks can lead to success and happiness.


Q: Who is Larry Inserra?

A: Larry Inserra is the chairman and CEO of Inserra Supermarkets Inc., a family-owned company that operates 23 ShopRite stores in New Jersey and New York. He is also a director of Lakeland Bancorp Inc., a bank holding company that operates 53 branches in northern and central New Jersey.

Q: How much is Larry Inserra worth?

A: Larry Inserra’s net worth is estimated to be at least $942 thousand dollars as of August 2020. This is based on his ownership of 66,511 shares of Lakeland Bancorp Inc., which had a market value of $14.16 per share at that time. His net worth may be higher if he has other assets or income sources that are not publicly disclosed.

Q: How did Larry Inserra make his money?

A: Larry Inserra made his money from his successful food retail business and his investments in the banking sector. He inherited the leadership of Inserra Supermarkets Inc. from his father, Lawrence R. Inserra, who founded the company in 1954. He expanded the company’s operations and revenues by opening new stores, renovating existing ones, and offering quality products and services to customers. He also invested in Lakeland Bancorp Inc., where he became a director in 2004. He has been receiving dividends and stock options from the bank since then.

Q: What does Larry Inserra do with his money?

A: Larry Inserra is a generous philanthropist who supports various causes and organizations. He is a major donor to the Hackensack University Medical Center, where he helped fund the construction of the Inserra Family Diabetes Institute, a state-of-the-art facility that provides comprehensive care and education for patients with diabetes. He also supports the Food Bank of New Jersey, the Community Food Bank of New York, the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, and many other charities and foundations.

Q: How does Larry Inserra compare to other rich people in America?

A: Larry Inserra is one of the richest people in America, but he is not among the top billionaires. According to the Forbes 400 list of 2020, the richest person in America was Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, who had a net worth of $179 billion. The minimum net worth to be on the list was $2.1 billion. Larry Inserra’s net worth of $942 thousand dollars is far below that threshold, but it is still a lot of money for most people. He is richer than some countries in the world, such as Tuvalu, Kiribati, and Nauru, which had a GDP of less than $200 million in 2019.

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