Patimat Rasulova

Who is Patimat Rasulova?

Her Early Career

Patimat Rasulova is a talented artist from Russia known for her unique blend of Romani folk music and modern genres like pop and jazz. She grew up in a musical family where she inherited her love and passion for music from her mother, who was a professional singer. In her early career, Patimat started performing at local events and family gatherings, honing her skills in singing and playing traditional Romani instruments.

Patimat’s music is a blend of traditional Dagestani music and modern pop. She has released several singles, including “Aminka” Патимат Расулова – Высота любви (Концерт 2023) Patimat Rasulova – The Height of Love (Concert 2023). Her music videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube.

Her Musical Style

Rasulova’s music reflects the rich cultural heritage of the Romani people, blending traditional melodies with contemporary beats and sounds. She has adapted to modern styles such as pop, jazz, and electronic music, earning her a distinct place in the music industry today.

patimat rasulova Romani-Folk-Music

Romani Folk Music

Influence of Romani Music on Rasulova’s Work

The influence of Romani music is evident in Rasulova’s work, where she blends the traditional melodies with contemporary beats and sounds. Some of her most popular songs include “Tears of Love,” “Romani Love,” and “Gypsy Soul.” These songs showcase her unique style and reflect her passion for preserving the Romani culture.

Popular Songs of the Genre

Romani folk music is a genre that originated from the Romani people, also known as gypsies. The music is characterized by its unique melodies, rhythms, and instrumentation, which include the use of tambourines, violins, accordions, and other traditional instruments.

Preservation of Romani Culture through Music

Patimat Rasulova has worked hard to preserve the musical traditions of the Romani people through her art. Her music has become a symbol of cultural diversity and acceptance, inspiring others through her art.

patimat rasulova Modern Music

Modern Music

Rasulova’s Adaptation to Modern Styles

Apart from Romani folk music, Rasulova has also adapted to modern music styles such as pop, jazz, and electronic music. Her ability to fuse different genres has earned her a distinct place in the music industry today.

Music Albums and Distribution

Rasulova has released several music albums in recent years, showcasing her diverse range of musical styles. She has utilized various music distribution platforms such as The Music Farm, which provides artists with opportunities to showcase their work to a global audience.

The Music Farm and Other Platforms for Artists

The Music Farm is just one of the many platforms available for artists to showcase their work. Other platforms include Apple Music, Shazam, Deezer, and TopHit.

Music Industry Reception

Noteworthy Songs by Patimat’s

Patimat Rasulova has numerous top tracks on music streaming platforms including “Schastliva s toboi,” “Ne tvoia,” and “Karie glaza.” Other noteworthy songs include “Судьба,” “Запретная любовь (Elsen_Pro remix 2022),” and “Карие глаза (Тик ток Хит 2023).”

Growing Popularity of Her Sound

Patimat music has gained a growing following in recent years, with listeners worldwide appreciating her unique blend of traditional and modern sounds.

Premium Music Analytics & Download Song Services

For those interested in obtaining premium music analytics or downloading Patimat Rasulova’s songs, platforms such as Apple Music, Shazam, Deezer, and TopHit offer paid subscription services that provide access to such features.


In conclusion, Patimat Rasulova is a versatile Russian artist known for blending Romani folk music with contemporary genres like pop and jazz. Her music reflects a unique fusion of traditional and modern elements. Key songs include “patimat’sтвои карие глаза,” “rasulova’s запретная любовь,” and “patimat mp3,” showcasing her diverse range. Patimat’s dedication to preserving Romani culture is evident, making her an inspiration in the music industry. You can explore her work on platforms such as “دانلود اهنگ patimat’s” and “patimat rasulova biography wikipedia” while enjoying her unique sound by “گوش دادن به patimat rasulova.


Where can I download “Патимат Расулова – Карие глаза” in MP3 format?

“Патимат Расулова – Карие глаза” can be downloaded as an MP3 from online music stores and streaming platforms.

Tell me more about Patimat Rasulova’s TikTok presence.

Patimat Rasulova is active on TikTok where she shares snippets of songs, behind-the-scenes videos and interacts with fans.

Can I find Patimat Rasulova’s music on Instagram?

Yes, Patimat Rasulova uses Instagram to promote her music and upcoming projects. Full song clips and playlists can be found there.

What is the release date of Patimat Rasulova’s 2023 MP3 songs?

Patimat Rasulova released her single “Your Brown Eyes” in MP3 format in September 2023 but no other 2023 releases have been announced.

Where can I get Patimat Rasulova’s MP3 songs for free download?

While some of Patimat Rasulova’s older songs can be found for free online, it’s best to purchase her music through official retailers to support the artist.

What is Patimat Rasulova’s age?

Patimat Rasulova is currently 30 years old.

Does Patimat Rasulova have a remix version of her songs?

Yes, some of Patimat Rasulova’s most popular songs like “Zapretnaya Lyubov” and “Your Brown Eyes” have remix versions available.

Where can I find the official Patimat Rasulova biography?

The best source for Patimat Rasulova’s official biography is her website or social media pages where details are regularly updated.

What languages does Patimat Rasulova sing in?

Patimat Rasulova primarily sings in Azeri and Russian, though she has recorded songs in other languages as well.

Are there any upcoming albums by Patimat Rasulova in 2022?

No new albums have been announced for 2022 yet, but fans hope Patimat Rasulova will release one before the end of the year.

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