Anthony Lewisohn Net Worth & Succes


Anthony Lewisohn is a person who loves tennis and works with many famous tennis players. He allows them play higher and make extra money. He is likewise married to a lady who is a superb tennis participant and has received many medals. He could be very clever and is aware of plenty approximately tennis and commercial enterprise.

He is likewise very good at playing tennis himself. he’s a very a success and satisfied man or woman. In this article, you will study greater approximately Anthony Lewisohn’s existence, career, and achievements.

Name Anthony Lewisohn
Net Worth $20 million
Career Start IMG, worked with Monica Seles
Ranking 41st best sports agent in the world by Forbes in 2019
Successes Helped clients win tournaments and earn significant income
Awards Various awards and medals in his career
Partnership Works with wife, Mary Joe Fernández, on tennis-related projects
Family Married to Mary Joe Fernández since 2000, they have two children together

Early Life and Career


Anthony Lewisohn Godsick was born on June 4, 1964, in New York City, USA. He grew up in a Jewish family and went to a school called Horace Mann School. He liked sports and played soccer and tennis. He also liked to watch tennis matches on TV and became a fan of Bjorn Borg, who was a famous tennis player from Sweden.

Overview of Anthony Lewisohn Godsick

Overview of Anthony Lewisohn Godsick

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick is a famous person who works with many tennis players. He helps them get good deals and make money from playing tennis. He is also married to Mary Joe Fernández, who is a former tennis player and a winner of many medals. In this article, you will learn more about Anthony Lewisohn Godsick’s life, career, and achievements.

Anthony Lewisohn Net Worth

Anthony Lewisohn net worth is the amount of money that Anthony Lewisohn has after paying all his debts. Anthony Lewisohn is a person who works with many famous tennis players and helps them make more money. He is also married to Mary Joe Fernandez, who is a very good tennis player and has won many medals.

Anthony Lewisohn has a lot of money because he works with some of the best tennis players in the world, like Roger Federer, Coco Gauff, and Juan Martin Del Potro. He also has a share in the Laver Cup, which is a tournament that happens every year between teams from Europe and the rest of the world. 

According to some sources, Anthony Lewisohn net worth is about $20 million. He made $17.3 million in commissions, which is the money he gets from the deals he makes for his clients, in 2019. He is one of the best sports agents in the world and he is very successful and happy.

Career Beginnings

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick went to college at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He studied economics and graduated in 1986. He then started working for a company called International Management Group (IMG), which is a big company that works with many sports stars. He got a chance to work with Monica Seles, who was a young tennis player from Yugoslavia. He helped her travel and play in different tournaments. He became good friends with her and learned a lot about the tennis business.

Rising to Prominence

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick worked hard and became a successful agent for many tennis players. He met Roger Federer in 2005, while Federer become seeking out a new agent. Federer is one of the satisfactory tennis players of all time and has received 20 Grand Slam titles, which might be the maximum essential tournaments in tennis. Anthony Lewisohn Godsick and Roger Federer became a wonderful crew and made many deals with large groups like Nike, Rolex, and Mercedes-Benz.They also created Team8 in 2013, which is their own company that works with other tennis players and events.

Professional Tennis Player

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick is not only a good agent, but also a good tennis player. He plays tennis for fun and sometimes competes in tournaments for older players. He has won some trophies and medals in these tournaments. He also plays with his wife, Mary Joe Fernández, who is a former professional tennis player and a very good one.

Career-High Ranking

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick has never been a professional tennis player, so he does not have a ranking like the players he works with. However, he has a ranking as an agent, which is based on how much money he makes for his clients. According to Forbes, a magazine that writes about money and business, Anthony Lewisohn Godsick was the 41st best sports agent in the world in 2019. He made $17.3 million in commissions, which is the money he gets from the deals he makes for his clients.

Anthony Lewisohn Net Worth & Succes

Accomplishments and Awards

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick has achieved many things in his career as an agent and a tennis player. He has helped his clients win many tournaments and make a lot of money. He has also won some awards for his work and his skills. Here are some of his accomplishments and awards:

Olympic Gold Medals

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick has not won any Olympic gold medals himself, but he has helped his clients and his wife win them. He was the agent of Gigi Fernández, who is another former tennis player and not related to Mary Joe Fernández. Gigi Fernández won two Olympic gold medals in women’s doubles, one in 1992 and one in 1996, with Mary Joe Fernández as her partner. Anthony Lewisohn Godsick was also the agent of Roger Federer, who won an Olympic gold medal in men’s doubles in 2008, with Stan Wawrinka as his partner.

Bronze Medal in Singles Competition

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick has also helped his wife win a bronze medal in singles competition at the Olympics. Mary Joe Fernández won the bronze medal in 1992, when she played in Barcelona, Spain. She beat Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, who was a tennis player from Spain and the home crowd favorite, in the match for the third place.

Junior Titles Won

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick has also won some junior titles when he was a young tennis player. He won four Orange Bowl titles, which are tournaments for junior players that happen every year in Florida. He won these titles from 1981 to 1984, when he was between 17 and 20 years old.

Mary Joe Fernandez Partnership

Mary Joe Fernandez Partnership

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick has a very good partnership with Mary Joe Fernández, who is his wife and his former client. They have been married since 2000 and have two children, Isabella and Nicholas. They also work together on some projects and events related to tennis.

Relationship with Mary Joe Fernández

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick met Mary Joe Fernández in 1996, when he was working with Monica Seles. Monica Seles introduced them to each other and they started dating. They got married in 2000, in a ceremony that was attended by many famous tennis players, like Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, and Pete Sampras. They live in Miami, Florida, and have a happy family.

Collaboration on Professional Level

Anthony Lewisohn Godsick and Mary Joe Fernández also collaborate on a professional level. They both work for ESPN, which is a TV channel that shows sports. They commentate on tennis matches and give their opinions and insights. They also work for the Tennis Channel, which is another TV channel that shows only tennis. They also play tennis together and sometimes compete in tournaments for older players. They have a lot of fun and enjoy their partnership.


Anthony Lewisohn Godsick is a very successful and influential person in the world of tennis. He has a lot of experience and knowledge about the sport and the business. He works with some of the best tennis players in history and helps them achieve their goals. He is also married to Mary Joe Fernández, who is a former tennis player and a winner of many medals. They have a great relationship and a great collaboration. Anthony Lewisohn Godsick is an example of someone who loves what he does and does it well.


who is Anthony Lewisohn?

Anthony Lewisohn is a sports activities agent who works with many famous tennis gamers, inclusive of Roger Federer, Coco Gauff, and Juan Martin Del Potro. He is likewise the president and CEO of Team8, a corporation that manages and helps tennis players and events. he’s married to Mary Joe Fernandez, a former tennis participant and a winner of many medals.

How plenty is Anthony Lewisohn’s internet well worth?

in keeping with a few sources, Anthony Lewisohn’s net well worth is ready $20 million. He made $17.three million in commissions, that’s the cash he receives from the offers he makes for his customers, in 2019. he is one of the satisfactory sports activities retailers inside the global and he could be very a success and glad.

How did Anthony Lewisohn make his money?

Anthony Lewisohn made his money by way of running with some of the fine tennis players in the world and supporting them win many tournaments and make a number of money. He additionally has a percentage within the Laver Cup, which is a event that happens every yr between teams from Europe and the relaxation of the arena. He also works for ESPN and the Tennis Channel, where he commentates on tennis fits and gives his evaluations and insights.

What are a number of Anthony Lewisohn’s achievements and awards?

Anthony Lewisohn has completed many stuff in his career as an agent and a tennis player. He has helped his customers and his spouse win many Olympic gold medals and other trophies and medals. He has additionally gained a few junior titles and some tournaments for older players. He changed into ranked because the forty first exceptional sports agent within the world via Forbes in 2019. He is also going to co-host the 2023 Met Gala, an annual fundraiser, with Dua Lipa, Michaela Coel, Penelope Cruz, and Anna Wintour.

What are some of Anthony Lewisohn’s pastimes and pursuits?

Anthony Lewisohn loves tennis and plays it for a laugh and every so often competes in tournaments. He additionally likes to observe tennis fits on television and is partial to Bjorn Borg, a well-known tennis participant from Sweden. He also enjoys spending time with his circle of relatives and his friends. He lives in Miami, Florida, with his wife and his youngsters, Isabella and Nicholas.

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