Demetres Giannitsos Net Worth: A Million-Dollar Star

Who is Demetres Giannitsos?

Demetres Giannitsos Net Worth is a Canadian fact celebrity, actor, and social media influencer. he is excellent known for his appearance on the fifth season of huge Brother Canada, in which he met his lady friend and fellow truth megastar Ika Wong. Demetres Giannitsos has an estimated internet really worth of $1 million as of 2023, consistent with [Celebrity Net Worth].

Earnings & Career

Early Life and Education

Demetres Giannitsos become born on November 16, 1991, in Edson, Alberta, Canada. He grew up in a Greek-Canadian family with his parents and two sisters. He attended Edson Composite excessive college, in which he played basketball and soccer. He later graduated from the college of Alberta with a degree in commercial enterprise.

Demetres Giannitsos Personal life

Personal life

Demetres Giannitsos is a reality star who was born in Canada on March 5, 1992. He is a Pisces, which means he is creative, compassionate, and intuitive. He loves to play golf and he always has a golf club with him at home. He works as an oil field instrument technician, but he also makes YouTube videos about real estate. He is in a relationship with Ika Wong, who he met on Big Brother Canada in 2017. They have a YouTube channel together called Dem and Ika, where they share their adventures and challenges. Demetres is very close to his family and friends, and he likes to have fun and be obnoxious.


Demetres Giannitsos is a well-known reality star who was at the display large Brother Canada in 2017. He is also a golfing participant and an oil discipline tool technician. however do you already know what he studied in school? let’s find out!

Demetres commenced his high faculty training whilst he turned into 16 years vintage. He changed into a superb student, and he preferred to study new things. He graduated with right grades and then went to a public college inside the america. He were given his bachelor’s degree in public administration, which is the examine of ways governments and businesses work. He found out approximately politics, law, economics, and control. He desired to apply his knowledge to help people and make a distinction.

Demetres Giannitsos net worth

Demetres Giannitsos Net worth

Demetres Giannitsos is a fact superstar who became famous after performing on massive Brother Canada in 2017. He is also a golfing participant and an oil discipline instrument technician. however do you understand how a whole lot cash he has? let’s find out!

Demetres Giannitsos net worth is the entire sum of money he has from his paintings, investments, and property. It isn’t always smooth to calculate his internet really worth due to the fact he desires to proportion all of the information of his profits and fees. however, a few assets have predicted his internet really worth based totally on the information available. consistent with these assets, Demetres Giannitsos’s internet well worth is among $one hundred,000 and 5$five million as of 2023. this indicates he has a whole lot of cash, however extra than other celebrities. He earned maximum of his cash from being a reality star, an oil subject tool technician, and a YouTube creator.

He also has some money from his investments and his belongings, along with his house and his vehicle. Demetres Giannitsos could be very a success and rich, but he also spends his money wisely and generously. He likes to journey with his lady friend, Ika Wong, a reality megastar. He additionally supports his family and pals, and he donates to some charities. Demetres Giannitsos is a superb example of someone who works difficult and enjoys existence.

Acting Career

Demetres Giannitsos started his acting career in 2016, when he appeared in a short film called The Last Hit. He also had a minor role in the TV series Wynonna Earp in 2017. He is currently working on a feature film called The Final Act, which is expected to be released in 2024.

Reality TV Shows

Demetres Giannitsos rose to fame in 2017, when he participated in the fifth season of Big Brother Canada, a popular reality show hosted by Arisa Cox. He was one of the eight returning players who competed against eight new players. He formed a strong alliance and a romantic relationship with Ika Wong, who was also a returning player. He won six competitions, including four Head of Household and two Power of Veto, making him the most successful male competitor in the history of the show. He made it to the final three, but was evicted by his ally Kevin Martin, who went on to win the season.

Demetres Giannitsos and Ika Wong continued their relationship after the show and moved in together in Toronto. They also appeared on another reality show called The Amazing Race Canada in 2019, where they competed against other teams in various challenges across the country. They finished in fourth place, losing to the eventual winners Anthony Johnson and James Makokis.

Other Business Ventures

Demetres Giannitsos is also involved in different business ventures, which include actual property and health. He works as a realtor for Royal LePage, a leading Canadian real estate employer. He also owns a fitness center referred to as The Sweat Lab, where he gives non-public schooling and group classes. He also sells his own merchandise, including clothing and accessories, on his internet site.

Social Media Presence & Endorsements

Demetres Giannitsos has a strong social media presence, with over 200,000 followers on Instagram, 50,000 followers on Twitter, and 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. He posts regular updates about his personal and professional life, as well as his travels and adventures with Ika Wong. He also collaborates with other reality stars and celebrities, such as Jon Pardy, Neda Kalantar, and Bruno Ielo.

Assets & Investments

Luxury Cars, Real Estate, and Other Possessions

Demetres Giannitsos owns numerous luxurious vehicles, consisting of a BMW, a Mercedes-Benz, and a range Rover. He also owns a penthouse condominium in downtown Toronto, in which he lives with Ika Wong. He also has a group of watches, earrings, and shoes, which he regularly indicates off on his Instagram.

Demetres Giannitsos Personal Life & Relationships

Personal Life & Relationships


Demetres Giannitsos is very close to his family, especially his parents and his sisters. He often visits them in Alberta and spends quality time with them. He also celebrates Greek holidays and traditions with them, such as Easter and Christmas. He credits his family for supporting him and inspiring him to pursue his dreams.

Marital Status

Demetres Giannitsos isn’t married, but he is in a protracted-term dating with Ika Wong, who’s also a reality superstar and a social media influencer. They met on large Brother Canada in 2017 and fell in love on the show. They have been collectively ever on account that and feature moved in collectively in Toronto. they’re one of the most popular and a success couples within the Canadian fact tv scene. They frequently proportion their love and affection for each other on their social media structures, as well as on their YouTube channel, where they have a collaborative series called Demika Diaries. they also help every different’s careers and projects, and often attend occasions and events together.

Demetres Giannitsos’ Body Measurements

Demetres Giannitsos has a muscular and athletic body, which he keeps with ordinary exercise and a healthy weight-reduction plan. He stands at 6 toes 2 inches (188 cm) tall and weighs around two hundred lbs (91 kg). He has brown hair and blue eyes. He also has several tattoos on his arms, chest, and back, which represent his Greek history, his family, and his love for Ika Wong.

What is Demetres Giannitsos’ Age?

Demetres Giannitsos is 31 years old as of 2023. He was born on November 16, 1991, in Edson, Alberta, Canada. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, which means he is passionate, loyal, and determined. He celebrates his birthday every year with his family, friends, and girlfriend. He also receives many wishes and gifts from his fans and followers on his social media platforms.


Demetres Giannitsos is a reality star who has a lot of money from his work, his investments, and his assets. He is also a golf player and an oil field instrument technician. He has a Demetres Giannitsos net worth of between $100,000 and $5 million as of 2023. He is very successful and wealthy, but he also spends his money wisely and generously. He likes to travel with his girlfriend Ika Wong, who is also a reality star. He also supports his family and friends, and he donates to some charities. Demetres Giannitsos is a good example of someone who works hard and enjoys life.


What is Demetres Giannitsos estimated net worth?

Demetres Giannitsos estimated net worth is not publicly disclosed.

How did Demetres Giannitsos accumulate his wealth?

Demetres Giannitsos is known for his involvement in various business ventures, but specific details about his wealth accumulation are not publicly available.

Is Demetres Giannitsos considered a billionaire?

Demetres Giannitsos’ billionaire status is not confirmed due to the lack of publicly disclosed information about his Demetres Giannitsos net worth.

Can you provide information about Demetres Giannitsos’ financial investments?

Specific information about Demetres Giannitsos’ financial investments is not readily available to the public.

Has Demetres Giannitsos net worth been publicly reported or verified?

Demetres Giannitsos net worth has not been publicly reported or independently verified, making it difficult to determine an accurate figure.

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